Experience, unsurpassed quality and attention to detail.

These are the driving factors in our company’s philosophy.

Our knowledgeable team is comprised of technicians, designers, manufacturers, engineers, and operators who have been in the vehicle cleaning industry for decades.   Because our extensive experience, we had been able to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to create the most cutting-edge and efficient machinery in the car wash industry today. 

As long time operators, we have gained the knowledge of what is needed to get a clean, shiny and dry car with the least amount of effort and labor. Our machinery is designed to provide you with the maximum amount of cleaning power that will pay you dividends in the long run.   Understanding the needs of the car wash industry has given us the unique ability to design high-performance machines that makes washing cars an easy task.

Our unique machines are designed based on the natural curvature of the vehicles and based on gravity operation, instead of external controls and additional push or pull devices. as a result, we are able to deliver a safe, complete, thorough, and gentle vehicle wash that will ease your mind and lower your expenses.

Being a family owned business allows us to give you the personal attention that you deserve, helping you investing your money wisely in building a new car wash, renovating an existing wash, or simply replacing a single machine.

We currently stock many replacement parts for most of the car wash equipment manufactures in the market today.

including: sprockets, rollers, bearings, shocks, pumps, motors, chains, gear motors, washer machine parts, hydraulic motors, speed reducers and much more.

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